Attempting the Embrace n°27

video   14:52   2016

t e a s e r

f u l l  v e r s i o n

to be watched as a loop   shot in Skagaströnd, Iceland   sound by Idun Hjellestad Jørgensen (flutist) and Iris Parizot (viola player)

Blue sky in a vast glorious landscape.
In the honor of the devastated intestines
Washed out through the determined stream.

My precious stone rolling in my hand
Does nothing but keeping me alive.

The tongue of all memories
Did not fail at the magnificent dominance of its own movement.
Waves of glittering transparent escaping texture
Spread all over my precious stone, humid.
Don't rain
Vibrations inside my breath.

Our possessive kingdom has decided for us.
Fatality as a way to be.

claire paugam

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