" Humans are not at the center of the universe
but the universe is at the center of humans. "
Yves Klein

Claire Paugam works in layers, overlapping textures, and colours. Her supports are video, photography installation and performance. She also creates sculptures and small objects she uses as part of other works namely installations. She frequently uses her body and the bodies of other people as disruptive element or as constituent part of the landscape, with a thorough scenic component. The textures are used to unify body and nature, as a reflection over the universal, composing a kind of sensorial diaries of the landscape. Claire evokes this way the texture as a sensorial medium to remind us that we are all "cosmic dust" by composing an image with a rock and a piece of meat, like she did in Attempting the Embrace n°29 or n°25 and n°26, where we can barely distinguish between the meat and the rock.
Claire does not take life, does not isolate the Human flesh, she animates an inanimate object as if she has blown into it the breath of life. [...] In her practice we may see both the will to animate pieces and objects, and sometimes we may feel that the objects are the ones boosting the reification of the landscape, always raising questions about the matter, or what is or is not tangible to the look.

Excerpt from "Claire Paugam - Attempting the Embrace" by Barabara Valentina   Umbigo art and design magazine   Portugal   2017

When I look at a stone, a visual analogy occurs, I see similarities with the texture of flesh, raw flesh. I can’t explain it, it just happens, I recognize an in-between texture.
My favorite definition of analogy is by Michel Foucault, it is "a tension never calmed between the two sides of an abyssal valley" which provides "a wonderful fight of ressemblances". By transgressing differences, being able to extrapolate, I find a coherency.
The body as a landscape and the landscape as a body.

I am a multidisciplinary artist, working with intuition as a tool of investigation and analogy as a creative process.

claire paugam

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