Essentially Untitled


solo exhibition at Ásmundarsalur art space, Reykjavik  Iceland   2022
Installation including a portal, five sculptures, two banners and stickers

From one room to an elsewhere
Black and empty
Full of separate matters
Worlds within a space

Claire Paugam

to enter the space one had to go through the photograph

Photographs are essentially the materiality of a past reality, though when looking at them, the realms they invite us into are incredibly present. I see them as doors for us to open, so that narratives emerge, creating inner travels within the mind. Photographs are illusions but still, it is the most natural response to believe in their realness and dive into them.

Disrupted photographs, conceived as fluid matter, escaping from settled expectations, are on display. They are staged to be passed through, moved, observed while their potential meanings are shaping with you.

Claire Paugam

artist talk given on the 14/08/2022    video by Helga Jóakimsdóttir

photo by Christina Raytsiz

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