Insects, Sea Sponges and Plants 

cut out photographs   life scale    2019

Categorizing, classifying and organizing natural objects comes from a deep desire to understand what is and will always be chaotic. Despite our increasing knowledge about our environment, nature is essentially out of our control and belongs to entropy. It is, all in all, fluid matter, constantly moving, in unpredictable ways. 
Through fauna and flora compositions inspired by biology drawings from the 19th century appears a human figure expressing an emotional climax. It is hard to say if this intense feeling, this complete emotional letting go, taking over the character depicts a positive or negative turning point.

Young Art from Northern Europe   Neue Kunsthaus Ahrenshoop, Germany   27/03 - 06/06 2022

Icelandic Art Center  Reykjavik   2020 - 2022

WE RUINED EVERYTHING   Listastofan Art Space   Reykjavik   2019

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