Never ascending    Always shifting    Almost ending 
installation created with Raphaël Alexandre for the silo of The Factory#4
art exhibition, Djúpavík, Iceland
Mixed media installation including a sculpture (L 3,2m x W 2,5m x H 2,1m)
and a sound piece   2019

Never ascending, Always shifting, Almost ending is an installation created especially for the former Fish Oil Tank of the Factory. The undefined object suspended between the columns of this abandoned territory seems to come from elsewhere. Few centimetres above the surface of the water lying in the tank, the unknown structure hovers over the water, standing still in a decaying space only affected by the harsh weather of the West fjords.
The sound, constantly reverberating, is taking over the tank, adding a soothing heaviness to the atmosphere. The presence of the object seems to have a logic of its own, unreachable to us.
Never ascending, Always shifting, Almost ending offers a possibility for the viewers to enter a fiction of their own in an out-of-time environment.

Claire Paugam © 2019