ceramics   Kaffistofa gallery   CLAIRE MATHILDE ZUZANA   Reykjavik   Iceland   2015

shapeless: lacking a definite shape

I spit on the asphalt and my saliva lying slackly there is disgusting, it looks like nothing.
I can’t take it in my hand it is too slimy and the slimy is repugnant. But even if I take it with my hands I will not be able to keep it as it was on the floor. It will spread all over my hands.

What if I spit on a chair ? No one will sit on it and I will have to "clean" it.
What if I spit in a forest ? No one will notice it, animals and humans will walk on it without seeing it.

What if the whole universe is like a spit: shapeless, with no precise color, made of a weird and disgusting texture ?

What if we all come from spit ?

claire paugam

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